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The second edition of FOG Design Art Fair opens to the public on Thursday, Jan. Running through next Sunday, the event will feature dozens of exhibitors, from gallerists and furniture dealers to artists and style makers.Along with myriad booths, FOG will once again offer panel discussions, presentations and installations over the course of its four days.Employing age-old indigo dyeing techniques, Vejar produces skeins in shades of blue.At 21POP, she will be demonstrating her process, which entails dipping yarns and fabrics into vats of indigo-infused water.She supplies seeds to growers, as well as sells her fibers.With the latter market, she says, “the cotton can be made into such beautiful things by talented people.” Kristine Vejar of A Verb for Keeping Warm, an Oakland shop and studio, is among the artisans who source yarn from Fox.Another item that doesn’t always come to mind when you think of cotton?

Stafford’s techniques are labor- and time-intensive; it takes 10 to 12 hours just to thread the loom, before any of the weaving can begin.

The most comprehensive anthology of contemporary zine culture of New York and beyond, including more than a thousand contemporary artist publications and independently produced zines, books, and artworks.

The Newsstand was a pop-up conceptual retail store that transformed an ordinary subway hub into a mecca for independently published magazines, books, comics, and zines.

At 21POP, she’ll be hard to miss: Stafford will be weaving on her 7-by-7-by-7-foot Ahrens Violette mechanical dobby loom.

In addition to showing how she creates her 31-by-90-inch throws, she will be selling a limited number — 21, to be exact. All events held at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, 2 Marina Blvd.

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With comprehensive bibliographies of more than 120 titles, Queer Zines 2 offers a visually arresting, intellectually provocative, and unashamedly sexy take on the rich output of contemporary queer zinemakers.

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